Understanding player statistics

We track data about sales and usage of your player and make it all available to you as quickly as possible.All the data in your content tab are instantly available and always up-to-date to the second!  The Player Statistics do take up to 24 hours to show the most recent activity. 

In the Player Statistics, you can see the numbers of clicks and actions for most things that users do with your player.

Players served - is the number of times the player has loaded on a page. It's also known as impression, the amount of unique impression the player was loaded on your site. 

Preview playbacks - is the number of times the player has been clicked and served your preview / trailer

Video sales - The total sales combining both rentals and downloads

Your revenue share - Your revenue share is calculated from the video's total sales and Distrify Media's service fee. 

Conversion Rates: This is how you tell how successful your video is in terms of driving viewers to watch a particular previews / trailer / full feature. It’s basically a percentage arrived at by dividing the number of times your video  was clicked by the number of times it was seen / purchased. 

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